What is 2can Shop?

2can Shop is an online store that you can create in a few minutes without involving developers, designers, without buying a domain and hosting, where your customers can place an order online and pay for it with a card.

You can manage the 2can Shop, like other 2can products, from your Personal Account.

Who is 2can Shop suitable for?

  • Trade: Selling anything from fruits to clothing.
  • Cafes and restaurants: up-to-date electronic menu with the ability to pay for the order immediately;
  • Services (coming soon): calendar entries, automation and service business management.

What does the Shop look like?

We have created a simple responsive template that is convenient to use both on a smartphone and a laptop.
Check out the demo 2can Shop:

What can you do with 2can Shop?

Everything you need to trade 24/7:

  • Manage your product catalog in real time;
  • Get a free link to your store with an https-certificate: yourname.2canonline.com;
  • Set up modifiers for products and take into account sales by SKU;
  • Connect online payment and receive already paid orders;
  • Receive and process orders in your personal account, as well as notifications from the Telegram bot 2can Pulse;
  • Connect to a delivery service (coming soon).

What is the price?

  • Free trial for the first month;
  • $15 per month subscription;
  • Free of charge for 2can acquiring clients.

It is absolutely free to start working with 2can Shop.
We gift a free month of subscription to help you find new clients online and experience the advantages of working with 2can Shop.


Brief instructions "How to create your own online store in 2can"


  1. Register in your 2can account: my2can.com or log in if you already have an account;
  2. In the "Settings" menu, enable taxes;
  3. Then select the "Dashboard" section in the main menu;
  4. On the promo page, click "Create Shop".

Fill in the "Profile"

  1. Add your logo and cover (use files up to 3 MB);
  2. Enter the name and description of your business (up to 150 characters);
  3. Come up with a third-level domain (4 characters or more): yourbrand.2canonline.com. This link will host your 2can Shop;
  4. Choose your color for active elements;
  5. Click "Save".

You can watch all the changes in real time on the preview on the right side.

Create a catalogue

If you already have existing items, then click "Select items", if you are just starting to work with 2can account, then click "Create new".

One product can have several 2can.shop categories.

Configure receiving methods

2can Shop supports 2 ways:

  • Delivery;
  • Pickup.

Customize the names and costs of the required receiving process, in a way that your customers will see it.
If you have paid delivery or self-pickup, then the cost will be calculated to the total order.

Turn on online payment

2can Shop also supports cashless payment methods:

  • Payment via Stripe.
    To activate online payment in the storefront, go to the "Modules" menu.