How to work with orders?

All orders placed in the storefront are displayed in the "Orders" section.

The "Active" tab displays orders with statuses:

  • New
  • Confirmed
  • Picked
  • Assigned.

The History tab displays completed orders with statuses:

  • Issued
  • Rejected.

The order status can only be switched manually.

Order status es can be changed in the table or in the order details tab:


Tabular form:

  • Creation Date (required)
  • Order number (required)
  • Status
  • Customer
  • Receiving method
  • Payment
  • Amount.

Order contents view form:

  • Order Amount
  • Payment status
  • Payment method
  • Order number
  • Status
  • Receiving method
  • Buyer's name
  • Buyer's email
  • Customer phone number
  • Shipping address
  • Comment
  • Order items, name, quantity, price.


For payment upon recieval, the payment status changes when the status of the order is "Delivered".

The status of the online payment changes based on updates from the service.