How to create a product catalogue?

If you have already used 2can Cloud and have your own product catalog, then you can choose the items you want to add to the 2can Shop. To do this, click on the "Select Items" button.

If you do not add any items from the 2can Cloud, they will not be displayed in the online shop.


If you don't have any items added to the In 2can Cloud or you don't have any items added to the 2can Shop, you can create a new item in the same section by clicking the "Create New" button.

When you create a new item, the item creation window opens.

The following values fields need to be filled out to add the item to the storefront:

  • Name (necessary);
  • Description;
  • The image (up to 7 items);
  • Price.

You can specify a special price for the 2can Shop by unchecking the "Uniform sales price" box.


Click on the icon and move the items around to sort goods. Goods can only be sorted into custom categories.

If you want to hide items from your storefront, press on the green switch to de-activate it. The item will remain in your personal account, but will not be displayed in your storefront. When you need to return an item back to your storefront, just turn the switch back on.

To remove an item from the 2can Shop, select the desired items using the checkbox and click on the bin button.