How to create a 2can Shop?

To create your 2can Shop, register or log in to your 2can account.

Then click the Online Shop button on the sidebar and press “Create New Shop”.


1. Profile

On the left side of the screen, fill in the basic information about your business, add a logo and a beautiful cover (use file sizes up to 3 MB). You can customize the colors of the active elements. On the right side of the screen, you will see live updates of what your Shop will look like.

Minimum information required:

  • Store name (up to 40 characters);
  • Link to your store. Consists of a domain of the 3rd level (the name of your store) and the 2nd (2canonline). The link to your store can contain from 4 to 63 characters (Latin letters, numbers and a hyphen). Come up with a domain name and we’ll confirm if it’s available.

All other fields are optional.

  • Your social network address may contain a link to your store page on other resources;
  • The store description can contain from 1 to 150 characters;
  • You can also choose the color of the elements on the color palette by clicking on the question mark. The circle is colored in the selected color.

Save your profile settings.

Changes can be saved only after filling in the required fields (Name and link to the store). If you do not save your progress, all changes will be lost in case of a transition to another section of your dashboard.

2. Goods

If you are already using your 2can personal account and a catalog of products, then you can select these products to list in the Shop. To do this, click the "Select items" button.

The window will display all products from the "Catalogue" section that have not yet been added to the Shop in the selected category.


If you do not have any products in your dashboard yet or if you want to add new ones, click on the ”Create New” button to add new products to your dashboard.

When creating a new product, the usual product creation window opens. For your 2can Shop, fill in the following fields:

  • Name;
  • Description;
  • Image;
  • Price;
  • VAT.

You can customize prices in the online shop by unchecking the "Uniform sales price" box and setting custom prices in front of the Shop name.

If the VAT field is not displayed next to the price, then you need to enable work with VAT in the "Settings - Financial" menu.


You can set the display order for products in a category by moving them vertically.

If you want to temporarily hide an item in the 2can Shop, just press on the green switch. The item will remain in your personal account, but will not be displayed for your customers until you press the switch again.

To delete items, select the required items using the checkbox and click on the basket.


3. Categories

The 2can Shop has its own first level categories. Used to group different collections.

2can Shop categories are managed on the same page on the right.

If you do not create any categories, then all products in your Shop will be displayed together on one page.


You can change the display order of categories by dragging them vertically.

You can create temporary categories by adding items from other categories, for example, the "New" category. One item can belong to multiple categories.

4. Methods of receiving

To publish the 2 can Shop, there is only one prerequisite left - to configure the cprocedure.

Showcase supports __2 ways of receiving __:

  • Delivery;
  • Pickup.
    It is necessary that there be at least one method of receiving enabled. For example, you have created a delivery method "Free Delivery". You can click on the name to edit it.

If necessary you can also add other methods.

Similarly, with Pickup points, add the required number of pick-up points that will be displayed in the 2 can Shop for your customers.

5. Publication

If you have configured the directory and completed all the necessary steps click Publish. Follow the link you created on the Profile page to see the result.