How to add a product modifier?

Modifiers are used to specify additional information, such as size or color, when selling a product. This is convenient because there is no need to have separate product cards for different variations of one product, one basic card with customized options is all you need. All product options will have the same price.

To add a modifier to a product, go to the product card. Then make sure that the product type "Including Stock" is selected, scroll down the product card and click "New modifier" by the "Modifier" field.


In the tab that opens, specify the name of the modification, and add the necessary values. To add more values, click "Add New Value". When all the values are entered, click "Add" and then "Save" in the product card.


Lets check how the updated script looks for your customer:


Now when selecting an item you will be asked to select one of the modifiers.

You will only be able to add the product to the cart after selecting a modifier.

In reports and analytics you will see sales of for each of the specific modifiers, for example, Size: S, M, L,XL.