Data feed - Sync products with Facebook and Instagram: what is it, how to create it and where to apply it?

What is a data feed?

A data feed is an XML (RSS/ATOM) file containing detailed information about the products that are published in your 2can Shop. Each item's information added to such a file will contain the required fields:

  • id - unique content ID for the product
  • brand - manufacturer (in 2can Shop choose the item type- including stock)
  • title - product name
  • description - concise and current product description
  • availability - current product availability
  • condition - state of product
  • price - product's price
  • image link - URL of the main product image in your 2can Shop.

XML data feed (RSS/ATOM) is used to synchronize your assortment of products with Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping catalog.

How do I create a data feed for a Facebook catalog?

You can generate XML (RSS/ATOM) feed data for the Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping from the Personal page. First of all, you need to register in 2can Cloud personal cabinet. If you’re having trouble with registration, you can find our detailed guide on the Support Center page. Then follow the simple instruction:

  1. In the main menu, select the "Online Shop" section;

  2. Check whether your assortment of goods is published in 2can Shop, if not, then publish it;

  3. If you already have items in the 2can Shop catalog - select the items you want and activate the green switch:


  4. If your 2can Shop is not set up, check out the setup guide in Support Center - How to Create a 2can Shop!

  5. Follow the link you created on the Profile page and look at the result. The products that are published in your 2can Shop will automatically go to your XML (RSS/ATOM) data feed.

  6. In order to move your XML data feed (RSS/ATOM) to your Facebook directory, go to > Settings and open the "Data feeds" section and copy the link to your data feed.


  7. After you copy the link to your 2can Shop XML product feed (RSS/ATOM), you need to paste it into the right field in your personal Facebook Business account.

How to upload the new data feed to your Facebook catalog:

First, go to your Facebook Business account, if you don't already have one, create a new one by following the instructions from Facebook:

  • Next, go to Commerce Manager and select your catalog;
  • Open the Catalog tab and go to the Data Sources section;
  • Click "Add Products". If a drop-down menu appears, select "Add Multiple Products";
  • Select "Data Feed" and click "Next."
  • If you see a finished spreadsheet or finished file in the section, simply select "Yes" and then click "Next";
  • Now you need to decide on a way to upload the file. To see further instructions, select the desired option from those listed and follow the link.

How do I work with Facebook Business Suite?

  1. Open the side menu and go to Commerce manager;
  2. Open the Catalog section and select Data Source;
  3. Click Add Products. If a drop-down menu appears, select add multiple items;
  4. Select Data Feed and click Next;
  5. Select the feed updates by schedule;
  6. Paste the copied items from 2can Shop XML feed (RSS/ATOM) into the specified field
  7. Done!

How do I create feed data for my Instagram catalog?

You can also promote your products from 2can Shop on Instagram. By simply turning on Instagram Shopping, it will draw extra attention to your products, as well as add shopping tags to posts in your feed and even Instagram stories to improve conversion rate.

To get started, you need to create a shop on Instagram and explore all the features of Instagram Shopping. Once you've created an Instagram store, you can connect it to your Facebook product catalog.
To do this:

  1. Go to your Facebook Business account in Menu> Settings> Connect Instagram account.
  2. Click connect account and connect the exact account you have your store tied to.

Done, now you can post items you've already created from your Facebook catalog to Instagram shopping.

Please note, in order for the products to be displayed correctly in Instagram Shopping check for any errors in the Products > Issues section!