Company profile

Start working with the 2can system by filling out your company profile. To do this, go to "Settings".

There are several tabs in this section that you need to fill out. Let's start with the "Profile" tab


  • Fill in your company information;
  • Upload your logo.
  • Don’t forget to Specify the taxation system.


Financial settings

  • Fill in the bank details of your organization. To help generate primary and closing documents;
  • If you work with VAT, check the "My company pays VAT" box. By default, "No VAT", 0%, 10%, and 20% rates will be created.
  • Select the basic VAT rate. It will be automatically assigned when you create a new product.


System settings

  • Here you can change the two-digit prefix for the barcode generator (Barcode UID). It is not recommended to change it if you have already started barcode accounting;
  • You can change the business location and time zone if there have been no transactions yet;
  • The option "Sell minus" - allows you to make sales regardless of the presence of residuals in stock, that is, sell more than there is in stock. In the same balance in the reports will have a negative value, which in the future must be covered by income;
  • Option "Auto Incoming" - also allows you to sell goods regardless of stock balances, i.e. more than they are in stock. If the option is enabled, then the sale will be an operation Auto Incoming –a automatic arrival of goods to the warehouse at an accounting price from the product card. This allows you to work without leaving negative balances in reports;
  • The option "Display zero balances" - allows you to see the goods even those that are out of stock.


API keys

Required only for integration of 2can Inventory with other systems.


Order statuses


Setting up operations