Analysis of customer behavior in the 2can Shop will allow you to identify effective advertising campaigns. You will be able to redirect resources quickly to effective channels and disable unprofitable ones.

To get started, you need to embed a tracking code. The data will be accumulated in the analytics collection system. You can generate reports by campaigns and devices, and compare the behavior of old and new users.

In what situations is it useful?

  • When launching ads in Google Adwords, Facebook, VK, you will be able to track how much a new customer in that channel was worth
  • By posting to other websites you can track the number of new hits and their quality
  • When creating a 2can catalog with Facebook Shop and Instagram Shopping.
  • To track which search query new customers are coming in for.

Where do I start?

The embedding of all tracking scripts follows the same algorithm:

  • Sign up for the analytical system and generate a tracking code
  • Copy the tracking code and paste it into the Dashboard of 2can Cloud in the section Online Shop - Settings - Analytics in the appropriate fields for head and body.
  • In some cases you need to insert a special code to confirm your rights for ownership of the 2can Shop. In this way you confirm that the website belongs to you.
  • Publish changes on 2can Shop.

Detailed instructions for the most popular systems are below.

Note that some analytics collection systems start getting data immediately, but reports start preparing with a delay of up to a day!

Step-by-step instructions

Install Google Analytics

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics and create an account (Help with setting up a Google Analytics tag)
  2. Click Administrator - Account. Select the desired account from the drop down menu
  3. From the Resource menu, select the desired resource. Click Tracking - Tracking Code
  4. Copy the tracking code
  5. Go to 2can Cloud – Online Shop - Settings - Analytics
  6. Paste the copied code into the "Paste fragment in the HEAD section" box
  7. Publish the 2can Shop

The data will appear in Google Analytics within 24 hours.

Installing Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to embed several tracking codes at once within one interface (Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc.). To avoid duplicate events in Google Analytics. you do not need to embed Google Analytics if you have already embedded GTM.

  1. Sign up for Google Tag Manager and create a container (Setup and Install Tag Manager)
  2. GTM will generate 2 different codes for each container for your webpage: one for the head section, and one for the body section
  3. Go to 2can Cloud – Online Shop - Settings - Analytics
  4. In GTM, copy the tracking codes. Paste the script from the head field into the "Paste snippet into HEAD section" in the settings of your 2can Shop. Paste the script from the body field into the "Paste fragment to the BODY" section on the Website settings page.
  5. Publish the 2can Shop.