How do I add documents to 2can Shop?

There is no single law that contains all the distance selling restrictions. But there are specific rules explicitly designed for online trading, which must be observed, in addition to the trade laws.

We recommend to make the most detailed description of each product, place several photos from different angles, and publish information about the company, the public offer and delivery and return policy as independent documents.

How do I create a document?


To create a document, go to "Online Shop > Settings > Documents". Then click on the "Add" button and choose one of the options:

Create New - if you want to create a document from scratch and place it directly in the Online Shop;
Upload file - if you have a ready document with a seal and signature, you can upload it to your 2can Shop. In this case, the link will upload the file for you to view. You can upload a pdf (recommended), word, txt, excel, png, jpg up to 5MB;
Attach link - if you have already posted documents on your site, you can specify these links to go from the online Shop.

Create New

To create a document, select Add > Create New.

Enter a name for the document, for example, Shipping and Return Policy;
Next, type text or copy and paste it from an external source. Note, to make the information easier to read, you can format the text, add headings, break it into paragraphs, add lists, and even a table;
Be sure to click "Create" when you are finished editing;